Is that a little too dramatic? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess it depends on who you talk to.

No doubt, I’m filled with joy and am arguably happier when creating, but is it essential to living? I guess it’s relative to how we want to live our lives and what’s important to us.

For me, I’ve always come back to this: It’s my intention to be the best version of myself I can be while on this earth. Does that include creating? Probably. How often? Everyday? Most likely.

Then there’s your answer.

Even though society (in general) doesn’t seem to place importance on creating daily – unless of course we’re selling our creative endeavors for millions of dollars. But, that’s not what gives them value. It’s more vital what those daily efforts do for our souls. Our being. Our happiness and our wellness.

It would seem too much importance has been placed on the end result rather than the actual process of creating.

Every time I’ve chosen to walk the path of creativity, I have always felt closer to who I am as a full expression of myself than when I’m not creating. In addition, I’ve felt more of a connection to others and more alive than ever.

Is that essential to living?

I’m not sure. But, it seems to make sense to me.