Most of us have one. Some are bigger. Some may be quite a bit smaller. A mom. A Dad.

Some of us are closer than others, but they cannot be denied. Maybe forgotten. Certainly distanced. Outcast for sure.

They can be extremely helpful, giving, kind and fill our hearts with Love.

They can also drive us bat-$#!+ crazy! I prefer the former.

Hopefully, we’re able to take advantage of the perks of having someone who grew up in similar circumstances, surroundings and the same parents, in which you can confide in, complain to and share life’s issues while figuring out all the pertinent questions to this thing called life.

These are our people. Sometimes we can communicate non-verbally if we’re close enough to them. But we can certainly commiserate with them as they may be able to empathize with us as they have been through the same thing.

We can also find a way to gain perspective and calibrate our memories by getting their viewpoint of a shared memory. Often times, they have insight on what happened that is very different of how we remember it. And for that we’re grateful.

Maybe we can re-evaluate the importance of family members in our lives. Is it important to us?

Then again, maybe not. The choice is always ours.