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Gotta Dance

There’s no other way of saying it. Sometimes you just gotta dance.

When you rise in the early morn’ and you feeling groggy, dance

If you stand up from your desk to stretch your legs to get the blood flowing, why not dance a jig.

As you walking across the parking lot to your car, maybe just do a little dance and shake that thing.

It can’t hurt. It can only help. Who cares who’s looking. Or what they may think. There’s no rules. Live a little. Hell, live a lot!

You gotta dance. Why not? It may just feel good. It probably will feel right. So, just do it.

Everyone’s gotta dance now and then.

What say you? You want to dance?

Our World Of Perception

It’s easy for me to lose my perspective in life. All it takes is a moment to steer off track and focus on what’s going on in someone else’s lane that has nothing to do with where I’m going.

It’s my own fault and here’s why: I compare my life to someone else’s and that is completely unfair and flawed for so many reasons: First of all, we are going through what we need to go through when we need to go through it. Why would we ever think our lives are interconnected with another person’s success or lack thereof? To envy someone else is to stop believing in ourselves and our journey. It’s allowing our ego to make our decisions and cut off our intuitiveness and connection to others. It’s selfish and fearful. And focusing our energies in the absolute opposite place of where we should be directing our attention.

Not to worry. We can begin again. It’s that simple. We can reset ourselves and our perspective by focusing our energies in a place where we can once again feel the gratitude and humility of where we are in this precise moment. Whether its’ our health, our family, friends, home, job or the power of our free will, we can choose to find something in our lives to be grateful for.

Following the “social norms” or “keep up with the Jones'” is a risky game and one that I would rather not play. And so I won’t. Nobody should.

Feeling It

When it’s time to get out of a warm bed on a chilly morning and get on with our day, often times we don’t “feel like” hopping to our feet and diving in. Do we need to?

When I make the decision to do cardio vascular exercise three days a week, should we wait until we feel the sensation down in the tips our toes?

The same goes for any constructive habit we choose to take on because we want to learn, grow and evolve.

The truth is: It has nothing to do with how we feel. Sorry.

We don’t wait around until the spirit moves us before we sit at our desk to write. We get our butt in the seat and write every morning until we begin to spin out words that make up the thread of quality writing.

Feeling has nothing to do with it.

Who Care’s

Maybe everyone.

If what you’re doing pertains to them. And generally you can find someone who is interested in what you’re doing or saying.

We are selfish beings. What I mean by that is this: We look out for ourselves and only pay attention to what is going on in our world or how the happenings in the world is going to effect us. This isn’t a horrific trait in us where we seek to harm others, it’s just a fact. By nature, we look out for ourselves and our loved ones first and foremost as we move through this journey called life.

Until – that is – we need other people’s help. Then we look for support, guidance and empathy from those who have been through a similar situation or are willing to listen and give constructive feedback.

It’s all good. Let’s just remember that we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and even though today you may feel like you’re killing it and the last thing you need is someone else’s help, tomorrow you might.

And having a person to empathize with you may be all you need to get through that next obstacle.

One Act On Monday

So, I got into the office before dawn this morning just like many other days. As I began writing, I heard something bang against the wall that sounded fairly close behind me. I knew I was the only one there, so I stood up to look out the window to see if I could see anything.

As I looked in the covered area just outside my office and in front of our side door, I saw what looked like a persons belongings, etc. Because our shop is on a street where a lot of homeless people travel, I assumed this is what it was.

I went outside to see and sure enough it was a young man going through his backpack. I let him know he was going to have to move on as we were opening soon and that door would have to be opened. He replied that he was drying out his clothes and would be done in a bit.

I came back inside for a few minutes to get back to work. Then I grabbed a couple of plastic garbage bags and brought them to him as I though it might help him keep his extra clothes dry. I handed them to him and he thanked me as I went back inside.

After several minutes, he walked up to the front door of the shop where I opened it to see what he wanted. His backpack was on and it looked like he was heading out. He said to me that he starting walking from south Florida 13 years ago and has been in LA for a while. During that time, he said, I was the first person to show any kindness towards him in the way I did.

It made me pause and think. About a lot of things.

It was two garbage bags.

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