So, I got into the office before dawn this morning just like many other days. As I began writing, I heard something bang against the wall that sounded fairly close behind me. I knew I was the only one there, so I stood up to look out the window to see if I could see anything.

As I looked in the covered area just outside my office and in front of our side door, I saw what looked like a persons belongings, etc. Because our shop is on a street where a lot of homeless people travel, I assumed this is what it was.

I went outside to see and sure enough it was a young man going through his backpack. I let him know he was going to have to move on as we were opening soon and that door would have to be opened. He replied that he was drying out his clothes and would be done in a bit.

I came back inside for a few minutes to get back to work. Then I grabbed a couple of plastic garbage bags and brought them to him as I though it might help him keep his extra clothes dry. I handed them to him and he thanked me as I went back inside.

After several minutes, he walked up to the front door of the shop where I opened it to see what he wanted. His backpack was on and it looked like he was heading out. He said to me that he starting walking from south Florida 13 years ago and has been in LA for a while. During that time, he said, I was the first person to show any kindness towards him in the way I did.

It made me pause and think. About a lot of things.

It was two garbage bags.