Maybe everyone.

If what you’re doing pertains to them. And generally you can find someone who is interested in what you’re doing or saying.

We are selfish beings. What I mean by that is this: We look out for ourselves and only pay attention to what is going on in our world or how the happenings in the world is going to effect us. This isn’t a horrific trait in us where we seek to harm others, it’s just a fact. By nature, we look out for ourselves and our loved ones first and foremost as we move through this journey called life.

Until – that is – we need other people’s help. Then we look for support, guidance and empathy from those who have been through a similar situation or are willing to listen and give constructive feedback.

It’s all good. Let’s just remember that we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and even though today you may feel like you’re killing it and the last thing you need is someone else’s help, tomorrow you might.

And having a person to empathize with you may be all you need to get through that next obstacle.