Ever since I was young there was a certain “doom and gloom” at our house when Monday morning came around. Not so much by me, but I could sense it in my father. I could tell he wasn’t thrilled to go back to work after the weekend.

As I got to junior high and high school, it was pretty evident to me he was just flat out miserable. I could see it in his face when he came home at night and hear it in his voice when he would come into my bedroom in the mornings to say goodbye.

I had a wonderful childhood and had more than I could ever ask for as a kid growing up. My father provided us with private educations and sent 5 kids through college. That’s a fact!

It’s also a fact that he wasn’t happy with work and struggled to find a way to bring love to it as well.

I vowed to be different.

Why can’t Monday be as wonderful as Friday? It can. It’s all perspective.