When we’re kids, it’s always time to play.

Due to the lack of responsibility we had, and the care our parents provided us – such as eating, clothing, shelter, etc., we didn’t have to worry about those things.

So, every moment of the day was an opportunity to play, explore, learn, laugh, dance and much more.

As we get older, the responsibilities begin to grow and somehow our perspective of life shifts as well. This is common and most necessary as we acquire the skills to become an adult and all that comes with it.

But, it doesn’t mean we can or should stop playing – whatever that means us. Maybe it’s sports. Or playing music. Maybe it’s playing with kids. It doesn’t matter. Play!

If you’ve forgotten how to do it, go watch some kids on a playground for 30 minutes. Or instead of sitting inside on the next family get-together with the adults, go in the backyard with the kids and watch them. They know what their doing.

It’s Playtime.