I suppose this is a mediocre title with a message we’ve heard way too many times during this time of year.

But, maybe that’s exactly why it’s worth repeating. Just like an ancient maxim of wisdom that spans generations – there is truth in the repeated adages of the past.

I seem to re-learn this lesson every year: It’s always better to give than receive. And we are doing ourselves a favor by setting up a template in order for us to do so on a consistent basis.

Something I don’t do nearly enough.

Handing out a snack bag to the homeless, volunteering at a local food bank or even giving someone – even a stranger – your undivided attention because they need someone to listen to them. It can be as easy as telling your spouse you’ll clean the kitchen after dinner or telling a loved one how much you appreciate them.

There’s many ways to do it and I must remind myself of that repeatedly. Because every time I follow through and give to someone else, I never regret it. Never.