Even though I don’t know much about science, I love learning about it and have realized we can take many approaches used in the field and apply them to our daily lives.

One such example would be the scientific method. Which is basically an approach or template for acquiring knowledge through observation, research, hypothesis, testing, analyzing and reporting.

One thing I struggle with in life is perspective. What I mean by that is, how does the way I’m feeling or the way I view the world fit in compared to what other people see and do. Where does my perspective fall? Am I over-reacting? Is this something to be aware of? Does everyone feel this way? And on and on.

Sometimes having the tools to implement a non-emotional approach to life will give you the most accurate results as it gets “me” out of the way. Along with all of my emotional baggage. My hiccups and my disfunction.

I’m looking for results. Non-tainted and balanced results.

Well, science can help us with that. Or at least a non-emotional system that gives us accurate and timely information for what we need.

She blinded me with science.