Saying “yes” is much more fun than saying “no.”

Okay, I get it: In order to stay focused and accomplish what we want to do, we must keep our eye on the ball and cut out distractions. Much of that can be done, by saying “no.” By simplifying our lives and our schedules by cutting out distractions that are superfluous to our intentions.

Should I take on more responsibilities at my work? Should I be on that advisory board? Should I add more activities into my schedule?

But, maybe we can create some time in our day for some “yes.”

Should I surprise my wife/daughter/son/friend and meet them for lunch today? Maybe I can cut out of work just a bit early today to go watch my son’s basketball practice? How about instead of having lunch at the office, I can pick something up and go visit my a relative/friend during my lunch hour?

Yes! Why not!?

Saying “yes” is fun!

Let’s not forget that.