This is true.

That’s a real gutsy statement, isn’t it?

In my experience, the only way you’re going to find out what you don’t know is by choosing to experience the unknown.

What the heck does that mean?

From what I can tell, in order to gain new experiences which eventually can become wisdom – if properly processed – we must go off the beaten path and risk flailing about looking like a yahoo in order to extrapolate information we can utilize later in life.

When I trace the footsteps of how I gained a tidbit of knowledge, it inevitably goes back to a moment in time when an occurrence took place that I didn’t plan or anticipate. But, my intention of striking out and risking the unknown was there. I made the decision to seek more and not remain comfortable with what I already knew.

It’s that thirst to learn, grow and evolve that can lead us to the “know.”

Remaining stagnate only keeps us in the loop of ignorance and never knowing what we could have known had we decided to look.