Sam Harris so succinctly articulated that no matter how many times we repeatedly do something in a day, month or lifetime – it is a finite number. Eventually, we will not do that task, chore or have that experience again. We will have done it for the last time. When that is, we don’t know.

Soaking that all in, certainly re-frames the way I look at my day. My year. My life.

Sometimes, I can get caught up in the repetitiveness of things and miss the opportunity to truly engage in the moment. Why? I have a misconception that I will be doing it forever.

There is definitely benefits in contemplating our mortality. This is one of them.

Reminding ourselves there is a ‘last time.’

Maybe, just maybe it will gently nudge us to find value in what we’re doing. Even if we’ve done it hundreds of times before.

As this time could be the last.