As we all know, there is only a finite number of times we will play rounds of golf, go into the office or bound down a flight of stairs as fast as we can.

There will become a time when we do these things for the last time. Either because of our age and we’re not physically capable of doing them, because we will close the chapter on that part of our lives or we will pass from this earth.

The point being, we’re all on this earth for a certain amount of time and we have no idea when that is going to end. Because of that, let’s make sure our words to others’ are the right ones coming from a place of Love.

The idea of this comes from a story I heard about a young Jewish girl and her little brother on the train to Auschwitz. They had already been separated from their parents who they never saw again and shortly before arriving her little brother that was standing close in front of her told her that he had lost his shoes. She looked down to see that he indeed had no shoes on his feet. She laid into him verbally about how stupid could he be to lose his shoes and how careless he was, etc.

When the train arrived, she was separated from her little brother never to see him again. And those were the last words she ever spoke to him.

After surviving the camp, she vowed to herself she would never say anything to another person where she couldn’t live with herself if she was never to see them again.

Strong last words. Last words indeed.