We don’t have to worry about what we’re going to do the rest of our lives. We just need to worry about today – more specifically right now.

Often times we can psyche ourselves out by worrying about how we’re going to sustain this workout program, this way of eating, work this job, keep this schedule, maintain this income or continue this day of staying clean by saying to ourselves, “How am I going to do this the rest of my life?” The answer is: you don’t. Just today.

We needn’t worry about tomorrow nor the next as it hasn’t come and we may not even be on this earth, but today. . . I can go for a run. Or I can have water instead of a soda or I call 10 more clients RIGHT NOW. In this moment I can make a strong choice without thinking about the future. This is possible.

We can break down our big aspirations into bite-size and digestible chunks that we can mentally process in order to make our actions much easier to approach and move through.

We are creatures of the past and the future. We often struggle to remain in the moment. But, if we can, we begin to take one step at a time on a consistent basis, which turns into real progress over time. If we can only exercise a wee bit of patience.

We can all eventually create great things by continually showing up for brief periods of time by making strong choices and leaving tomorrow for another day and take action on the right thing now – today.