While rehearsing for a play years ago, I had a director tell me that no one in the audience would know the character better than me, as we had been running through the piece every day for nearly six weeks. In addition to research of the character, working through scenes and discussions with the director, I was the expert on that subject matter.

I just had to own those choices and run with them confidently.

Such is life. No one knows ourselves better than us. But, too often we are more interested in what others have accomplished or what people think of us rather than what we believe about ourselves.

This is why no one can ever tell you what you’re capable of doing or not doing. Unless of course, you choose to believe them.

We know what we’re capable of. We know what moves us. We know what’s important to us. We know what our strengths and weaknesses are.

We just need to move forward with confidence in doing so.