I’m not quite sure how to handle my own snarkiness. And yes, I can be that way.

I believe it comes from a place of not being heard, respected or validated. Let’s be honest, I don’t like being snarky. I don’t like cynicism either. It’s a form of shirking responsibility as far as I’m concerned.

So, in order to remain clear-headed without falling into this trap, we must be able to express our feelings at the time and not sweep them under the rug only to pile up until we can no longer maintain our stoic mask and then lash out as the person we don’t want to be.

Does that entail being honest with others? Probably. Does it include conveying your feelings to others even though it may be uncomfortable for them to hear? Most likely.

Ultimately, we want to be true to ourselves and to others – being respectful of course. However, often times when drawing our boundaries to others, they get offended because it doesn’t fall in line with their agenda.

Oh well. That’s their agenda not ours. Besides, it beats being snarky.