We live in an invisible world most of the time when we believe we’re in a physical one. What does that mean?

We are creatures that place our beliefs in what’s in front of us at the moment whether that’s positive or negative.

Ads on TV tend to sway our thinking about food and other products. Social media is candy for our eyes and gives us immediate gratification in some sort of not-so-healthy way. Watching TV shows and movies fills us with intoxicating feelings of fantasy and wonder while watching a story unfold about someone else’s dreams. But, do these activities help us to learn, grow and evolve?

It’s much more difficult to conjure up the energy to go for a run or workout. To sit down and do the homework, create the painting or write the thank you note. No one is showing us a film or ad to get us motivated to do so. We are in the silence of our own minds and what we tell ourselves. These are the moments that are challenging. This is where the we make progress.

Once we get right spiritually, mentally and emotionally, the physical changes will eventually take place. As long as we have patience and keep showing up.