Sometimes I have a difficult time trying to change the things I can’t and changing the things I can.

When this happens I have to remind myself to let it be and accept the way things are and move on. It’s a waste of time focusing on changing events that have already occurred or we have no control over. It’s frivolous and can be extremely frustrating.

When identifying what’s clearly in our circle of influence, we now understand what we can change and the things we must accept – if we don’t want to drive ourselves crazy. It sounds simple, but when we allow our professional reputation to be at the mercy of one of our unreliable colleague’s, we quickly come to understand this is something we have the power to change.

When the market tanks in your sector of business, there’s nothing we can do to change it, but we can pivot to find out how the product we sell can thrive in the current market.

Let’s be clear with what we have the power to change and aspects of our day we don’t spend another minute thinking about so we can let it be.