I would have to say that Gordon Gecko from the movie “Wallstreet” is wrong. Greed is not good. In fact it would be one of the many reasons the world is so divisive today.

Greed is an illusion created by the ego which states, “What’s in it for me?” Often we can justify our actions by claiming it’s for our own survival or to provide for our family. When it’s only a way unnecessarily hoarding without taking into consideration others around us.

I’m not suggesting we give it all away, but when we can come to terms by developing a symbiotic relationship with our work, the world we live and the people around us striving for their hopes and dreams, the better we all will be.

There is a way to be financially successful in addition to helping others along the way without depleting the resources necessary for us to thrive.

Maybe it comes from changing the way things have been done for years. Maybe it comes from helping others be successful as well. Or maybe it’s from coming to understand that we’re all in the same boat, looking for many of the same things in a world we share with each other every day.