“There is no way I can make that many sales this month.” You’re right. “I can’t learn how to play a musical instrument. I’m way too old.” You’re right again. “Everybody in the construction business is stupid.” And yet you’re right once more.

Whatever perspective we choose to take in life, we’ll find we’re right each and every time.

So, let’s pay attention to what we choose to believe, what we think is true and most importantly what we’re capable of. Because no matter what we believe. . . . that’s the truth. And these are the things that will show up in our world because it’s what our mind is focusing on.

Instead, let’s buy into the idea that there are kind and generous people in the world. Let’s believe we are capable of accomplishing amazing feats if we’re able to put our minds and bodies to it. Don’t be afraid to buy into the belief that there are extremely intelligent people in any sector of the business world and we can find them and befriend them as well.

Just know that whatever we believe in our heart of hearts, we’re always right. So, why not believe in something bigger and better.