There are many things we don’t have a choice about in life. Our height. Color of our eyes or the family we were brought into. But, we do have choices on how we design our lives. From the people we choose to spend our time with, to how we view the world to the way we talk to ourselves and other people.

And although we may feel like we’re victims of circumstances, often these are the results of our choices we’ve made in the past. Whether that is choosing to smoke cigarettes and now our health has diminished 30+ years later or choosing not clear up our past years of resentment that we continue to hold onto in the present day keeping us locked into the past unable to move forward.

WE are the designers of our lives. Only us. Of course we will always be dealing with circumstances that our beyond our control, but when we’re able to focus on our business at hand, by designing the life we long to live and show up daily doing the work, odds are, we’ll be much closer to the life we’ve designed than not.