I began writing these blogs a couple years ago as a reminder for myself as to the important things I want to keep in mind in order to be the best version of myself I can be. I don’t claim to know more than the average man. However, if any insight I have or life experience I’ve been through can shed some light on areas where others can learn, than it’s worth it. We’re all in this together and I find it helpful to share what we know with others who choose to listen.

I’ve heard it said that we don’t need to be on all the time. We don’t need to be brave 24/7 either. Nor do we have to give 100% in every single activity we take on.

What we need are short burst of brilliance in the right areas at the right time.

If we’re brave for 45 seconds, we might follow through with the meeting with the team member who is not pulling their weight and needs to be set free. When working out, we only need to go hard during the 5 1/2 seconds of sprinting until you do it again in 45 seconds. We might only need to give 100% effort during the meeting with a new client in order to close the deal.

It’s hard to sustain an energy level of going 100% on every task everyday all the time. So, we pick our moments for short bursts of our brilliance when the moment calls for it and we’re able to get as much traction as possible.

That’s working smarter and not harder.