Often I wonder why I’m in the place I’m in at the current moment. Good or bad. Most of the time, it’s not because of one reason. It’s a myriad of choices that have led me up to where I am.

The sage in me must be willing to self-reflect on how I got here and to objectively determine what I could have done differently and how to move forward – especially if I’m less than satisfied with my current results. Maybe even more so if I’m satisfied.

One tool we can use, that I must be reminded often to use, is asking questions. Why am I in this situation right now? How could I have done things different in order to avoid this? What is the best way to move forward from this?

The more intelligent and well-thought-out the question, the more specific and possibly useful answer we’ll receive.

So, I guess the question for me is: How do I ask a better question?