I know for me, so much of what’s going on in my mind – which can and often -dictates the mood I’m in – is an illusion or another words, False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.).

Why is it so challenging to wake up to a new day with a clean slate – a fresh perspective? Acquiring the knowledge from our past experiences, but allowing the current moment to unfold without us getting in the way with our mental baggage.

We are creatures of the past and the future and rarely the present. To the point where we can obsess about events that haven’t happened and most likely will not happen, yet can throw us into a tailspin of anxiety and procrastination. I know,. I’ve been there. . . . More than twice. . . . More than thrice. Okay. Alot.

Then I have to remind myself that every new moment is an opportunity for a fresh start and the gateway to anything where all things are possible. A new beginning.

And I can choose to drag the baggage of the past along with me, or I can choose to leave it behind. After all, it’s my choice.