Wherever you come from or whatever your beliefs may be, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s what I know: I know that we live in an invisible world and not a physical world. What manifests in the physical is just a culmination of what is going on inside of us. You’re mindset, the way you frame your past, your perspective of the world, what you think of yourself, what you believe you deserve, the color/tint of glasses you wear with which to see the world, the amount of baggage you’ve held onto from your past, etc. It can be said a 1,000 different ways. And it’s all real.

This is what I’ve found; All of these elements have a profound impact on our lives no doubt. So, we must get right with them. Our past. Our present. And our future.

What I’ve also found to be true is we attract what we focus our attention on and it can be oh so mysterious at times. The perfect person shows up at the precise moment we need them. A check comes in the mail at the right time and you book that next job when you didn’t think you had anything on the horizon.

However, there’s one caviet; we have to show up and put in the work for these wonderful manifestations to show up in our lives. It’s not going to happen while laying on the couch.

We must move our feet and expect the everything.

“The universe rewards us for taking risks on its behalf”