I know I’ve said it before and I suppose I’m repeating it as I feel it’s important to . . . . . repeat; Pick your favorite people to surround yourself with and cultivate those relationships as if there’s no tomorrow.

We certainly have a choice of who we spend our time with. And when you do, make sure they Love you in a way that challenges you, pushes you to be your best, listens, shares with you and looks out for your best interests in the long run.

These may be family members. They may be close friends. They may be acquaintances that are brave enough to tell you the truth. Either way, know who these people are and spend time with them. Talk with them. Ask them questions. Have deep discussions. Question everything. Ask ‘What if. . .’

This is the lab, the testing the ground, the workshop and the think tank we all could spend a bit more time doing.

Why not?