I know too many people – including family members – who use their past as an excuse to remain stagnate and take the easy way out in life. Whether that’s taking shortcuts in their lives physically, mentally, socially, spiritually or emotionally. And the results are devastating over time.

We have the choice of viewing our past as a tool for change and evolvement or an excuse. I prefer the former, as the latter doesn’t take me to a place I want to go. Been there done that.

Most people take the stance that our past has already determined where we should be in the present. However, Dr. Benjamin Hardy claims that our present can determine how we frame our past. Another words: whether we want it to be a way for us to learn about ourselves and grow from it or use it as an excuse to continue a behavior that is less than stellar.

Let’s all view our past in a light that brings us to understand who we are in this moment in order for us to springboard us forward in a direction that is best for us while cutting the tether of the past which may hold us back.

Today is a new day. Anything can be the gateway to everything.