The older I get on in age it seems the more I value relationships with people I enjoy. There are always several qualities in people that I’m attracted to such as: humility, kindness, people who are soft-spoken, humor – they have to be funny or they’re gone! Respectful, creative, honest, trust-worthy, unselfish, open-minded and very good listeners. It also helps if they’re outdoorsy and athletic, but I don’t want to be too judgmental.

The thing is, when I find these people, I don’t let them go and I certainly let them know how wonderful they are. I don’t hold back on how much our relationship means to me and why I value them. I find myself going above and beyond with my kindness and sometimes gifts in order to show my appreciation. that feels really good to me.

I’ve also done this with my wife and children – not nearly enough – and am so grateful I have and continue to do. These ‘gushes’ may come in the form of notes, cards, letters or texts letting them know how much I appreciate, Love and value them and why. As difficult as it is to summon the energy to put those words onto paper – telling myself, “you don’t have to do this. They know.” I never regret doing it. In fact, it only solidifies our Love for one another even more. Every single time.

That will never get old for me.