I find the holidays to be a wonderful time, with excitement, anticipation and the desire to be ‘happier’ than other times in the year.

I’m not sure where this came from. Maybe it’s a bit of residual Christmas magic from when I was a child. Then again, maybe it’s just plain ole’ ‘unrealistic expectations’ and another opportunity to be tempted to fall into the infinite pursuit for happiness by looking to the outside world to provide it for me.

This is where I believe we’re mistaken. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen for that old carnival trick. Only to wake up the day after Christmas a bit depressed – bloated and gassy – and wondering why I chose to go down that tempting road of illusion once again.

Here’s my conclusion (and I have to tell myself this in order to be prepared for the days to come); There is nothing Christmas – or any other holiday for that matter – can provide us other than the opportunity to be with loved ones, that any ‘regular’ day cannot. No matter how much eggnog I drink, cinnamon rolls I stuff down my throat or alcohol one can consume, it comes down to remaining in the present moment and connecting with others.

And maybe, just maybe it’s an opportunity to give just a little bit more away to others than we usually do.

Now that sounds merry and bright.