I’m sure this goes without saying . . . . but, I’m going to say it anyway because I’m thinking about it and it’s important for me to remember. After all, part of the reason why I started writing this blog was for me to solidify ideas that are rolling around in this hollow head of mine and remind me of what’s important in my life. In addition, to continue to implement these gems in my daily life and not just theorize about them.

I’ve always found it fascinating that it takes a loved one dying due to illness – cancer, natural causes or a horrific accident in order to have a completely stripped-down starkly honest conversation with two people who care for one another. Why is that?

Why does it take someone to be on their deathbed in order for the us to finally see – and hopefully – abundantly clearly what is important in life?

Why are we not able to look at someone in the eyes on a ‘regular’ Monday morning after a great weekend and tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life? Or to let a dear friend know you were wrong several years ago when you chose NOT to go to their wedding. Even if it was their second.

Why must we wait until the fragility of our own lives are at stake before dropping our masks – our ego – and be real? What if we were able to live truthfully – honestly every day while sharing our deepest feelings with those around us who we love? How much would those relationships be enriched?

I can only imagine.

And then risk.