The great’s, who don’t want to show their work before they were who they ultimately became, are not doing us any favors.

How can we truly understand the genius in Lucas’ or Kubrick’s work without knowing where they came from and seeing the seeds of what was to come in their first films?

Or the early works of Michelangelo as he committed his life to his craft and ultimately creating one of the greatest works of art ever made by man after completing “David.”

Everyone has to start somewhere. We must embrace the chaotic. The jumbled and the sloppy. We cannot be afraid to expose our flaws and our blind spots. Our curiosity to explore the unknown is rewarded with a refinement, evolution and depth of our skill.

When we accept the role of the neophyte we are committing to the journey into the darkness of the unknown. We are admitting to ourselves that we have accepted the pilgrimage to rise up beyond even our own expectations and create something more than who we are.