Building custom cabinets is not brain surgery. Nobody will die if the measurements are wrong. Getting cut off in traffic will not ruin your day. Odds are you will get over the flu or that nasty cold. You probably won’t remember that you dropped the ball on your work presentation in 3 years.

Perspective in our lives is such a vital tool in our life kit. It’s a way we can find balance from day to day.

After all, some of the most angry and ornery people I’ve ever come in contact with are the ones that don’t have any perspective in life. They over-react to situations which many others would shrug their shoulders and walk away not giving it a second thought.

It always amazes me when people’s perspective takes a 180 degree turn within moments. Receiving a life-ending diagnosis is one of those ways. I would imagine I would certainly look at work or traffic differently. In other words, it would be in it’s right place in my world.

Let’s not wait for something like that to happen before choosing to have a healthy perspective in our lives.

After all, it’s a choice. Our choice.