I’ve always been mystified and intrigued by the person with the “cool” attitude. I don’t come around them often, but when I do, I’m bewildered. Not “cool” in the sense of, “hey look at me,” or someone who’s popular because they’re “it” at the moment. But, more like this; if you made direct eye contact with her/him from across the room at a party, she would unabashedly meet your gaze and with unconditional Love peer deep within you as if she has a secret within her in which she knows everything is always going to work out in her favor and she wants to share that secret with you.

It’s not arrogance or false confidence. As this person has discarded anything close to what we call the ego. This is evident by her softened countenance and warm smile.

When you walk up to this person to speak with them, there is an ease with which they reply your questions and more times than not they want to know more about you than most people you’ve met. They’re pleasant and kind. They encourage you in what you’re doing and offer help, but not frivolous advice. They speak at a pace that’s similar to a bed time story you heard as a child. It’s warm. Delightful. Safe.

These are the treasures I long to run with and fill my days. Maybe – just maybe, one day I can be one of those treasured people.