Leave it to Seth Godin’s blog “Holding On For Dear Life” to hit the nail on the head once again with where my head is at right now and then delivering the perfect remedy to eloquently sum it all up.

As he said, we tend to take the meaning of “holding on for dear life” as an exercise to display our sheer will and physical strength – hanging on to the edge of a cliff so as not to plummet to our death.

When what we really need to do is to let go in order to live our lives fully.

Let go of our old ideas. Letting go of our fears. Let go of our resentment towards ourselves and others. Letting go of the stories and excuses we tell ourselves over and over. Letting go of our old selves in order to embrace a new version of ourselves – even though we’re not sure who that person is.

In letting go, we decide to move forward into the unknown where anything can be the gateway to everything.