We can search high and low for the definition of success. We hear it said in our schools from the teachers that stand in the front of our children’s class and from the staff that works behind the scenes, in our workplace and in our tightknit groups of friends and Loved ones where we share our intimate secrets and desires.

“To be successful . . .” “What you have to do to become successful is . . . ” “Wow! That person is so successful . . . ” The easy way to become successful . . . “. What does that mean? You have money? You have a lavish lifestyle? Or I should say, You appear to have a lavish lifestyle? You have a big house? You have your health? You have a wonderful family? You’re surrounded by quality people who Love and respect you? You travel? You’re able to extract significantly more money from business commerce than the average person? You’re cancer free?

I’m not sure to be honest with you. Everyone’s definition is a little different, but let’s not be disillusioned by what we see from the outside. In today’s world where it seems everyone is eager to showcase the highlights of their lives to millions of strangers – to what seems to me – an overzealous desire to overshare – including the fabrication of their day-to-day events, Is there anything tangible or of substance there? That road doesn’t appeal to me.

But, what the hell do I know.