Looking back at my childhood, I’ve come to realize I had it good. Really good. I’m so grateful for my experiences and treasure the memories as I reflect upon them as a middle-aged man.

My threshold for “happiness” was pretty high back in the day – maybe a testament having almost everything at your disposal. Some may even call it “spoiled.”

Since becoming an adult, I’ve come to learn otherwise. My threshold for happiness is pretty low. Meaning it doesn’t take much for me nowadays to relish a moment in time – while wearing a silly looking smirk on my face which is tough to wipe away.

As you probably already know where I’m going with this – again, it came down to making a choice to be happy. My days look different, things have changed and some things have remained almost the same.

The difference is my perspective of my life. We could all find a way to complain about something in our lives, but not all of us can chose to be happy. That’s a real commitment. A choice. And something we might want to keep working at.

I’m sure I will.