Saying “Yes” is so much more exciting than saying “no.”

Of course keeping in mind all the healthy reasons to do such a thing: our boundaries with our work and personal life, the safety of our health and so on.

But, to put positive energy forth, opens our world to so many more options than the alternative. This would fall in line with trusting someone rather than being skeptical or giving someone the benefit of the doubt as opposed to thinking the opposite.

I just like that world better. It would seem we make better connection with others, faster and more frequently. Our bonds go deeper as well.

The times I’ve been fortunate enough to travel oversees, I’m always bewildered at the kindness and generosity of others. Almost to the point to where I second guess myself into thinking maybe they have malevolent motives. But, of course they don’t. They are giving me the benefit of the doubt. They are seeking a deeper connection. They inhabit a benevolent nature.

Something we can all learn from. Certainly me.