I love this idea – I just heard – that our confidence doesn’t come from our skills or talents but rather our intentions.

Because, if we do indeed believe that our intentions are pure and true – wanting not only what is best for us, but also for others as well – there is more than enough substance to be able to walk into any room with our heads held high and hold ground with anyone (not that the highest standard of confidence is having a conversation with someone).

Now, I’m fully aware that confidence also comes from wisdom. And wisdom comes from experience – from showing up and failing. It comes from putting in the work and not getting the results you want and then doing it again and again. Another words, putting in your 10,000 hours.

It wouldn’t benefit us to have a false sense of confidence in a technically specific field only because our intentions are pure. We need the knowledge behind those intentions as well. Otherwise, we could easily get in over heads quite quickly.