My heart aches as a father, a parent, an acquaintance, a stranger and even a fellow human being for those parents who have lost a child – a young adult – a teenager, in a car accident. They seem to happen way too often nowadays.

This most recent one hit close to home for me this last weekend as the kids involved go to my son’s high school. There were three who passed away due to at least one poor decision from the driver of the vehicle who ran a red light at excessive speed. In addition, only one of the passengers had their seatbelt on. That young adult survived. To my knowledge none of the students had been drinking.

[Deep sigh] What a senseless way to lose our youth, when it could have been so easily prevented. Let’s all help the young one’s in our lives to understand the consequences of their actions in this world. Let’s do our best to guide them and inspire them to rise to the occasion.

If not us, then who?