It has been my experience that confidence is all perspective. How do I see myself in this situation? Do I feel like I can accomplish this task that stands before me? We can waiver back and forth with our confidence depending on our past experience in the given subject matter.

It’s no secret that the longer we have been doing something, the more comfortable we feel doing it. It goes hand in hand with getting better at that specific skill as well. It is in those moments that my confidence raises and I feel myself nonverbally committing to the work in order to back that confidence up.

As I gain life experiences over the years I have come to redefine confidence. Nowadays it’s more of a belief in myself whether I have ever tried the task at hand or not. It’s not so much the skill in the specific craft, but the idea that if I focus and show up (do the work) then I can accomplish it.

Now I’m able to carry this template with me wherever I go and apply it when needed. It doesn’t always work, but more times than not it does.

And that makes me just a bit more confident.