With all the distractions, devices, pressures and ways to be thrown off your game, it can be difficult to find the pace that works best for you. Not your neighbor’s or “successful” friend’s pace or brother-in-law’s with all the latest toys or friends’ with all their incredible travel posts – non of it. We must find OUR pace. The one that feels right for us in what we intend to do/accomplish/give/overcome/bring/share/stand up for/etc. And quite honestly, most of the time I feel like I’m waaaaaay behind. And then I stop and think: “Who are you racing against, Jim?” This is my life and I’m going to set the pace that makes sense to me (in a mentally and emotionally healthy, responsible, self-reliant, non-egocentric kind of way of course) so that I can leave this place better than when I got here. Or at least try.

For me it involves staying in my lane and not getting caught up in the short-term fixes that fill our bodies with endorphins for short term gains such as: posting, shopping, addiction behaviors, drama-filled relationships, binging, etc. But, putting in the work. The important, but not urgent work. This is where we should remain most of the day. If you’re not, re-organize.

And find your pace.