I regard negativity almost like a disease. It can spread quickly and debilatate you if you let it go untreated. The only difference is I believe you have a whole lot more control choosing to keep negativity out of your life. And it is a choice. Just like most things where people mistakenly believe “stuff just happens” to them, I believe you have much more control in your life over how your day plays out than you may think. Yes, things happen that are out of your control – I understand that – but it boils down to your perspective of where you are in the present moment.

I believe it was Wayne Dyer that said if you wake up in the morning looking to be offended in your day, you will not go disappointed. “That guy cut me off in traffic!” “Did you see the way that lady looked at me in the grocery store!?” “How can anyone wear an outfit like that out in public!” Get the idea?

Children are masters at their environment. They can let not getting dessert ruin their whole evening. . . . if they choose to let it.

Let’s flip the coin. What if you wake up in the morning jump out of bed and ask yourself “how many great things are going to happen to you today?” Would that not change your perspective on how you view your day?

I also read that you have a very basic choice when you wake up in the morning. Is your glass half full or half empty? If you think it doesn’t matter then think again. You are where you are in this moment in your life because of the choices you have made up to that point (along with things you cannot control). That can either terrify you or get you really excited.

If you chose the latter, you probably realize you’re in control of your destiny. That’s where I want to be.

After all, it’s not what happens to you in life that matters. It’s how you react to what happens to you that makes all the difference.