What is a given? A given is something you cannot change: Your age. Your eye color. Your family. Your height. Your past. Things like that. Things that are out of your control. It’s important to know what your “givens” are and what you can actually change/control. You may think the group of friends you hang out with are givens. They’re not. You can choose to be around people that inspire you – that hold you responsible and make you better. You may think the job you have is a given. It’s not. You can quit and find something else. I would be aware of the timing. Right now may not be the best time. You also may think your health is a given. There is a lot you can do for yourself to turn that ship around and begin heading in the right direction there as well.

If you can just make that distinction between what you have control over and what you do not, that might just make enough difference for you to point you in a direction where you can attract some real good in your life.

Besides that, your being a healthy human being. Emotionally. Mentally. Look at it like your solving a problem. “What is going on here and what can I change to make it better?” First of all, what are the givens? Go through the list. Write them down if you have to. “What can I change if I wanted to?” (Not saying I’m going to, but if I had enough energy to do it).

If it’s a given, don’t focus on it. Recognize them and move one. Spend the real time on what you can do/change/build/discover/conquer/out wit/etc. and put your focus there. This is where you can make a difference.