If I want to be a victim in my life you better believe I can justify that. If I think I’m right in a situation I can justify that too. You can justify “your story” as long as you want to: to family, friends even strangers upon meeting them. And you will always find people who will justify your justifications – if you’re looking for them. However, that doesn’t mean you should. Nor does it mean it’s healthy. Most definitely you’re not going in a direction where you want to end up.

If I don’t want to go for a run, I suddenly become the most creative person on earth because I can come up with dozens and dozens of reasons why I shouldn’t go for a run that day. I’m so convincing as well. When my alarm goes off in the morning and I want to sleep-in instead of getting up and meditating before going to work, I am brilliant with my reasoning. I scare myself I’m so smart. That doesn’t mean I should. That’s when it’s the most difficult for me. When I’m in those moments day after day and I must find the one single reason to get my running shoes on and walk out that door. To convince myself to pull off the warm covers and keep moving.

You are your own worst enemy, but you are also your closest friend and biggest fan. Pull for yourself. Find a reason or two or three or 12, to make the strong choice and to not justify behavior that doesn’t allow yourself to grow, learn and evolve. Choose the path less traveled. Why? I guarantee you that path always leads to a much more interesting destiny.

That is something I can most definitely justify.