The title of this blog says it all. Often times I repeat myself in these writings with tidbits of quotes I’ve read or heard in the past, but resonate with me so much I just have to say again. The quote “And the secret is . . . merely begin” comes from Author Steven Pressfield when writing about being a professional writer.

I just love this insight as I feel it spills over into every other aspect of life. Such sound advice. Should I eat healthier? But I don’t know how. Merely begin. Should I write that novel I’ve been thinking about for the last 5, 10, 15 years even though I’ve never written anything in my life? Merely begin. I wonder if I should engage in a relationship even though I have been injured in the past. Merely begin.

All answers in life come from a place of discovery. This can only take place when you engage. When you . . . merely begin.