I’ve heard it more than once: by teachers, coaches and trained professionals – there is power in stillness. Ever since then, I have used it professionally and personally when needed. I have come to not only believe it is true, but I have acquired it as another tool in my kit in order to grow, learn and evolve.

In comedy, you are taught to deliver a line and then remain still. If you are approached by certain animals in the wild and even sometimes an aggressive dog, you are taught to stand your ground and remain still. There is power in it. Resolve. Commitment. And also it is a way to remain efficient. By not expending energy frivolously, you hold tight until you know your direction. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

The older I get, the less I run around frantically hoping to accomplish my goal. Now I get clear what I intend to attract – while remaining still – and then move forward with purpose and clarity towards my target.