I’ve never been the flashy type. I’m not drop dead gorgeous, I don’t have the body of a Greek god nor do I need to be the center of attention (only when I want to make people laugh) and I certainly don’t need a plethora of material items to make me feel secure. But, I will be a person you can count on when everything goes sideways.

Who do you want to be? I’m old enough now that I will tell people up front what they can expect from me when entering into a relationship. Whether it’s business or personal. Striving to be as transparent as possible with realistic expectations and no surprises from me. Another words, no drama.

After all, this is what I want on the other end of my relationships. I can do without the bells and whistles. Relationships become forged and bonded when under enormous pressure and times are a bit difficult. I would much rather count on someone with a steady hand and a sound mind than a person with a bunch of bling bling.

What say you?