There are times when I find myself saying, “If I only knew then what I know now.” It’s a bit unfair to say this as you don’t know what you don’t know.

Maybe the question we should be asking is: “How do I come to know?” Before we answer that, I can tell you I’m positive of how you don’t find out: Hoping, Wishing, Dreaming and doing the same things you’ve always done in the past (unless of course you’re a dynamo and have been making the strong choices to get uncomfortable and explore the unknown).

If you think about any type of knowledge you have acquired over the years, you will find out that has come from a personal life experience or from being in a place where you have put yourself in a position to have a new experience. Yes, I suppose you can learn a few things by sitting in front of the TV, but that’s not the type of evolvement I’m referring to.

In order to know, we must explore the unknown. Step off the cliff of security and safety. Just as Christopher Columbus set out to do. Or Lewis and Clark. I’m sure they had no idea what they were about to face. But it was more important to them to find out vs. the risk of the obstacles they would face.

Moving forward in the face of fear – that’s courage. That’s what interests me.

How about you?