There is a book called, “Power Vs. Force” written by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in which he “generated a practical map of the energy fields of consciousness so as to delineate the range and general geography of an uncharted area of human investigation.” Another words, he found a way to calibrate human consciousness and emotions via an energy field and determined a numeric value for it.

What he found was that emotions such as Guilt and Shame register lowest on the scale at 30 and 20 respectively, and Enlightenment, Peace and Joy were are the top of the Map of Consciousness at 700-1000, 600 and 540 respectively.

Hawkins also discovered that people who calibrate at higher levels counterbalances people who register at much lower levels on the scale. As Love is much more powerful than Shame, there only need be a few people who calibrate at extremely high levels to nullify millions of people at very low energy.

We all have a choice of where we want to calibrate throughout the day. Why not come from a place where we register high on the scale of energy and nullify as much low energy as we can while coming from a place of Love. Or more.