One of my weaknesses over the years is my tendency to fall into a way of thinking in which I’m not able evolve into the best version of myself because of the way I view the situation. When trying to overcome obstacles I can self-sabotage with a less-than-productive approach to problem-solving that is most likely only because it’s become habitual for me.

If you’ve ever watched the reality show “Naked and Afraid,” where a man and woman, who are total strangers have to team up in the wilderness to survive for a designated period of time, you’ll see that 4 out of 5 times, the woman outlasts the man. Not because she’s a survival expert, but because of her mental approach to each and every situation. It’s about her perspective or the way she views the world. In fact, she may have a disadvantage as she may not be as physically strong as her male partner.

This is so powerful and it’s a skill I need to hone daily. For me, surrounding myself with the right people who can take a positive creative approach to life helps tremendously. The last thing I need is a person who serves as a wet blanket as I move through my day not contributing to the resolution.

I intend to Think Creatively.